Neste Rally Finland 2017 – in English

Once again, Neste Rally has arrived to Jyväskylä! The Paviljonki Rally HQ & Service Park and the Harju special stage are located in Jyväskylä’s city center, and other special stages are taking place all across Central Finland.

Our taxi dispatch center is providing a 24-hour service during the Rally week as usual – you can reach us by calling +358 100 6900!

Taxis to special stages

You can book a taxi in advance to take you to any of the special stages. If you are ordering a taxi to pick you up from any of the special stages, it is good to remember that the roads are filled with heavy traffic and it might take a while for the driver to find you. If you take a taxi to the special stage, it is easiest if you agree on the return journey with the driver. It will be difficult to get bigger cars (over 4 passengers) during the rally weekend.

Paviljonki Rally HQ & Service Park

Three taxi stands are located near the Paviljonki Rally HQ & Service Park. A taxi stand in Piippukatu is located near the entrance to the Rally HQ (near Innova 1-building). You can find the taxi stand by walking towards the big red chimney located in Lutakko. In addition, the taxi stand at Matkakeskus (train/bus station) and the taxi stand near the cafeteria in Jyväskylä harbor are both in service. See map for details.


The nearest taxi stand to the Harju special stage is located next to the main market square of Jyväskylä. See map for details.

Because of the special stage driven in Harju, some streets are closed in the city center, Mäki-Matti and Harju from 10:00 on Thursday the 27th of July until 02:00 on Saturday the 29th of July. The Harju ridge area and Ihantolantie are closed until 15:00 on Sunday the 30th of July.