Fixed price taxi journeys in Jyväskylä

Fixed price taxi journeys to tourist attractions – In English

Starting from Monday 3.6. we are offering fixed price taxi journeys from Jyväskylä city center to tourist attractions around Central Finland.

The prices are valid when the journey starts from Jyväskylä city center or when the journey ends to Jyväskylä city center. You can order the taxi by calling our order number +358 100 6900, or by using the JYTAKSI-app. It is also possible to use the taxis you see at Jyväskylä city center – the prices are valid in all Jytaksi-cars. You can recognize Jytaksi-cars from the pink logo that can be found on the front and on the sides of the car.

The prices are for one way – please order your ride back separately.

Fixed price journeys from Jyväskylä city center to tourist attractions


1-4 person(s)5-8 persons
Alvar Aalto -museum10€15€
Jyväskylä harbour10€15€
Laajis/Scandic Laajavuori15€20€
Säynätsalo Town Hall35€45€
Finnish Air Force Museum45€55€
Jyväskylä airport45€55€
Old church of Petäjävesi70€85€
Spahotel Peurunka70€85€
Oravivuori triangulation tower90€120€
Revontuli, Hankasalmi90€120€
Leivonmäki national park100€130€

Prices include VAT 10%.