Jytaksi’s price structure renewal – In English

Jytaksi’s price structure is renewed on Wednesday the 13th of March 2019 from 11AM onwards. All taxis driving under Jytaksi use the same pricing set by Jytaksi. All Jytaksi-taxi journeys follow the same maximum pricing, no matter if you order the taxi from our call center, or hop in from a taxi stand. You can find the new taxi maximum prices from the price list below.

All Jytaksi-taxis start using the new price structure on Wednesday 13th of March 2019 from 11AM onwards. The purpose behind the price structure renewal is that we want to encourage more Jytaksi-cars to drive during rush hours, and we want to lower the threshold of using a taxi during quieter times. From 13th of March 2019 onwards, the price of the journey consists of the initial charge, kilometer charges, and the journey time charge. The most notable change is the significantly cheaper initial charge.

Jytaksi taxi fares


Initial charge
Mon-Fri 06.00-20.00, Saturday & public holiday eves 06.00-16.004,00€
Other times7,00€
Tariff 1 (1-4 passengers)
Mon-Fri 06.00-20.00 & Saturday 06.00-16.001,09€/km, 0,89€/min
Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun & holiday eves 24.00-06.001,19€/km, 0,89€/min
Other times1,09€/km, 0,89€/min
Tariff 2 (5-8 passengers)
Mon-Fri 06.00-20.00 & Saturday 06.00-16.001,55€/km, 0,89€/min
Fri-Sat, Sat-Sun & holiday eves 24.00-06:001,75€/km, 0,89€/min
Other times1,65€/km, 0,89€/min
Other surcharges
Advance booking charge (1-4 passengers)5,50€
Advance booking charge (5-8 passengers)11,00€
Large objects2,80€
Assistance surcharge15,70€
Assistance surcharge, when the passenger needs assistance in stairs31,40€
Stretcher surcharge29,20€